Terms of Agreement

Long Term Hire

The terms below form the agreement made between Multitek Vehicle Hire (the owner) and the hirer as specified.

The owner agrees to hire the vehicle(s) detailed in the schedule which shall include all accessories or additions or any temporary vehicle as a direct replacement, for the agreed period and term as shown on the schedule to the hirer as named.

The hirer agrees during the term of this agreement:

  1. To pay the owner the advanced rental, as shown on page 1, prior to the proposed delivery date. All subsequent sums due on a monthly basis on the dates shown on the schedule.
  2. To keep the vehicle in good order and condition. Servicing must be carried out at a recognised service centre named by the manufacturer and the vehicle must be serviced at the recommended intervals. The hirer will be liable for any damage or late servicing at the end of the hire period. (unless the contract is inclusive of maintenance)
  3. Not to sell, mortgage, charge, assign, loan or hire, or otherwise part with possession of the vehicle or allow a lien o be created over the vehicle.
  4. To notify the owner of every accident immediately.
  5. To notify the owner of any problems or issues experienced with the vehicle on hire.
  6. To allow the owner to inspect the vehicle from time to time.
  7. Not to take the vehicle out of the United Kingdom without notifying the owner prior to departure and receiving written permission.
  8. To insure the vehicle comprehensively against damage or loss or risk from whatever cause for the full value including liability in respect of any extras fitted and passenger liability. Insurance cover also applies to the provision of a replacement vehicle for the full value from the moment of delivery to the hirer, for the full period until the point of return to the owner. Any additional insurance cover or premiums are the full liability of the hirer. The insurance company must be a member of the British Insurance Association. Should a vehicle be lost, stolen damaged, or 'written off' the liability for the value of that vehicle becomes the hirers in the event of inadequate cover.
  9. The hirer must send a copy of the current insurance certificate to the owner and notify the owner of any changes to the policy.
  10. To give notice to the hirers insurance company of the interest of the owner. Apply all monies received for the direct damage to repairing agent or to the owner if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair.
  11. Not use the vehicle for hire, racing or any form of rallying.
  12. To pay all fines, including parking and all other penalties in respect of the vehicle. In the event of the owner being required to pay such items the charge plus an administration fee will be forwarded to the hirer for immediate payment.

The owner agrees during the term of this agreement, to either:

Non Maintenance Rental

  1. To pay all road fund licence for the vehicle when necessary



  1. To pay all road fund licence for the vehicle when necessary.
  2. To pay for all servicing under the manufacturers servicing scheme, to pay for all parts, tyres, batteries and exhausts except when a replacement is necessary due to an accident or misuse.
  3. Repairs must be carried out by a garage nominated by the hirer and approved by the owner.

The owner may terminate this agreement without prior notice if:

  1. A default in payment is made for a period of 7 days or more.
  2. The hirer shall commit any form or bankruptcy or have a receiving order placed against the hirer, go into compulsory or voluntary liquidation, or have a receiver appointed.
  3. The conditions of this agreement are not adhered to.
  4. There was misuse of the vehicle.

The owner may remove the vehicle from the property it is kept, and on provisions of said clause the hirer will be liable for all rentals outstanding and the loss of profit suffered by the owner for the remaining period of the agreement.

The owner will not be held liable for any claim for hotel accommodation, rail fares, taxi fares or any other loss or damage which may be suffered by the hirer in the event of a break down or incomplete repair or any other reason the vehicle is immobile or unavailable.

The owner may at any time withdraw the vehicle and substitute it for another vehicle a similar type and similar condition or a later model with lower mileage, with the hirers permission.

Upon termination of this agreement the hirer shall pay any excess mileage charge including VAT at the current rate, for each and every mile.

The owner will provide assistance to the hirer obtaining the full benefit of the manufacturers warranty (subject to fair wear and tear), the owner does not let the vehicle to the hirer with any guarantee or warranty or subject to any condition or stipulation as to the quality, state, suitability or fitness for purpose except if the hirer is dealing as a customer (within the meaning of the unfair contract terms act 1977) those terms implied sections 8, 9 and 10 of the supply of goods and services act 1982 will apply.

Short Term Hire

  1. Must hold a current uk driving licence.
  2. Be over the age of 25.
  3. Provide driving licence and additional proof of address.

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